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We, like many people in childhood, loved to look at illustrations for fairy-tale books and scenery in science fiction films. Every time, the futuristic designs amazed the imagination! I wanted to do something like this.

Thanks to the development of woodworking, machine tool construction and the chemical industry, the implementation of geometrically complex products has become possible. And plywood and a layered method of manufacturing give unlimited opportunities for the implementation of ideas.

This is how our company Sedeo was born, specializing in the production of furniture and plywood structures.

ребра фанеры

Plywood consists of layers of natural veneer, glued together. The fibers of each layer are arranged in different directions, which ensures the strength of this material.

Depending on the glue used to glue the veneer layers, plywood can be moisture-resistant or increased moisture resistance.

  • Moisture-resistant plywood it does not tolerate direct contact with moisture very well. After several cycles of swelling and drying, it begins to delaminate.
  • Plywood of increased moisture resistance it reacts well to direct contact with moisture (rain, snow). Depending on the presence or absence of a protective coating and the quality of the latter, such plywood can stand for 5-7 years without significant loss of structural properties. The loss of aesthetic properties usually begins no earlier than 2 years after the installation of the product and looks like the appearance of longitudinal cracks in the front layers of the veneer, while the veneer does not peel off and does not fall apart.
красивая фанера

Natural veneer is a thin layer of wood. Veneer products are durable and reliable.

The undoubted positive qualities include the attractive appearance of veneer furniture and thermal neutrality, i.e. the products practically do not heat up in the sun in the heat and do not change their consumer properties in the cold, for example, they do not become more fragile in winter, like plastic furniture.

Like any tree, veneer reacts to humidity, ultraviolet light, mechanical damage. The wear of the product is a natural process, and in the case of furniture made of veneer, it is even partially reversible. So the products can always be tinted or replaced with a damaged part. In some cases, the natural aging of Sedeo furniture looks attractive and does not require any actions from the owner.

слоёная мебель

Well-polished products made of furniture plywood can be coated with the following types of finishing materials: oils, impregnations, varnishes, enamels.

Let's look at each of them in more detail.

  • Oil the coating is on a natural basis. It penetrates deeply into the product, has excellent decorative properties that emphasize the wood pattern. Wax, which is part of oil coatings, has a positive effect on the operation of products, makes them more wear-resistant. Among the disadvantages – a limited color palette and a long drying time during application.
  • Impregnations they have protective properties against negative environmental factors (fire protection, biosecurity, UV protection, etc.). As a rule, the impregnation coating is combined with the application of decorative coatings with a second layer.
  • glaze it includes such subspecies as mordants and lapis lazuli. Basically, these are decorative coatings on various bases (including water). It is characterized by a huge selection of colors. It is usually applied as one of the components of a multi-stage coating.
  • varnish they have undeniable advantages in protecting plywood from physical damage. Depending on the base, the thickness of the varnish coating can reach 1 mm. This protects the products from scratches, chips, dents. Most often, varnishes are transparent or have a small tinting and are applied as a finishing coating. Due to the greater thickness than that of other coatings, varnishes can be sanded. Thus, the products acquire an impeccable appearance and are easily repaired. The disadvantages of lacquers are the difficulty of application and poor tolerance of humidity changes. When exposed to the latter factor, the varnish on the products can crack and peel off.
  • Enamels these are covering materials, the main function of which is to protect the product from adverse weather conditions. An undoubted plus is a huge selection of colors, but this coating almost completely hides the tree pattern. One of the disadvantages is the sensitivity to large changes in humidity, because of this, cracks may appear on the coating, especially on the ends of the products.

At Sedeo, products are most often covered with oils. This makes our furniture durable and beautiful. The structure of the tree is favorably emphasized. The oil coating is trouble-free in operation and is easily updated.

фанерная мебель в интерьере

Many people are wondering: why is the cost of plywood products not as low as we would like?

There are several types of plywood, including construction, which can be purchased at any market. But the cost of a cube of high-quality furniture plywood is much higher and comparable to the cost of a cube of solid wood of such breeds as ash and oak.

Sedeo products are made only from high-quality furniture plywood with the help of high-tech equipment, and our workers have the appropriate qualifications. All Sedeo plywood products have a unique modern design. The combination of these factors affects the price. But, you get excellent quality of products and a manufacturer's warranty!

детали мебели
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